Date: 24 Aug 2005

Visualisation of a somatostatin receptor-expressing tumour with 67Ga-DOTATOC SPECT

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In comparison to 111In-DTPAOC (Octreoscan), gallium-labelled DOTATOC shows better binding affinity to human somatostatin receptor subtype 2 and improved pharmacology in vivo [1, 2]. Especially if 68Ga-DOTATOC and PET/CT are applied, somatostatin receptor-expressing tumour tissue is excellently visualised. However, SPECT is still a more widely available imaging method. Here we present the first visualisation of a human somatostatin receptor-expressing tumour with 67Ga-DOTATOC SPECT/CT.

A 65-year-old man with known mesenteric lymph node metastases of a surgically removed carcinoid in the small bowel received 180 MBq of 111In-DTPAOC and, 1 week later, 230 MBq of 67Ga-DOTATOC (50 MBq/μg specific activity). All metastases detected with 111In-DTPAOC (a) could be visualised with 67Ga-DOTATOC as well. Scans of 67Ga-DOTATOC (SPECT/CT) were performed less than 4 h post injection to generate excellent images of the mesenteric manifestations (b), with a higher tumour to background ratio compared to ...