, Volume 42, Issue 8, pp 1151-1156
Date: 03 May 2013

ShearWave elastography: repeatability for measurement of tendon stiffness

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Tendon injuries are common and a significant source of pain and disability. Tendon injuries are often treated with a variety of non-surgical (e.g., physical therapy) and surgical interventions, along with a reduction of normal physical activities as the tendon heals [13]. However, it is difficult to objectively determine when the tendon has healed sufficiently and has the functional capacity to return to normal activities. Previous research has documented the functional capacity of tendons by measuring their stiffness under in vitro [4, 5] and in vivo [6, 7] conditions, but the technologies used for measuring tendon stiffness are applicable only to in vitro conditions (e.g., mechanical testing systems) or require the highly invasive implantation of sensors (e.g., strain gauges) under in vivo conditions. Conventional imaging modalities (e.g., ultrasound, MRI) can monitor changes in the appearance of tendons over time, but these imaging modalities do not provide an objective ...