, Volume 42, Issue 3, pp 443-446
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Paraspinal chordoma mimicking a neurofibroma: a rare but important radiological pitfall

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We present an unusual case of a chordoma presenting as an extradural spinal tumour with extension through an expanded intervertebral foramen to form a large paraspinal mass. The magnetic resonance imaging appearances closely mimicked a neurofibroma; however, pre-operative biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of chordoma. This is, to our knowledge, the tenth reported case of chordoma presenting as a mass expanding the intervertebral foramen. Thus, while it is a rare form of chordoma, it can lead to a recognised radiological pitfall. Making the distinction from neurofibroma before surgery is essential, as radical dissection of chordoma is required to reduce the risk of local recurrence.