, Volume 40, Issue 1-2, pp 184-194

Characterization of corrosion products in the permeable reactive barriers

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 The impact of geochemical processes and microbial activity has been a major concern for the long-term performance of reactive iron barriers because corrosion products and precipitates during the water treatment with reactive materials will decrease the reactivity and permeability of the iron bed. This study characterizes corrosion products in reactive iron barrier as well as evaluates the effect of the iron corrosion products and precipitates on iron wall performance during contaminated-water treatment under varying conditions. Major phases in the reactive iron barrier include iron oxides, carbonates, iron sulfides, and elemental sulfur, depending on the degree of iron oxidation, groundwater chemistry, and microbial activity. Detailed geochemical and mineralogical characteristics are imperative for long-range predictions of the reactive iron wall performance on water treatment because the surface coating materials reduce the effectiveness of the zero-valent iron media.

Received: 17 September 1999 · Accepted: 11 April 2000