, Volume 72, Issue 3, pp 521-528
Date: 10 Jan 2006

Development of an expression vector for Metarhizium anisopliae based on the tef-1α homologous promoter

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The high-conserved translation elongation factor 1 α (tef-1α) gene from the enthomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae was characterized to select the promoter region. A 640-bp DNA fragment upstream to the start codon was employed to drive the expression of the reporter protein sGFP or a dominant selectable marker, the gene bar (resistance to ammonium glufosinate). Transformants carrying this homologous promoter system showed no difference in virulence bioassays against the cattle tick Boophilus microplus comparing to the M. anisopliae wild-type strain. Moreover, GFP fluorescence was detected during tick infection bioassay.