, Volume 58, Issue 1, pp 31-40
Date: 09 Feb 2006

Immune-related, lectin-like receptors are differentially expressed in the myeloid and lymphoid lineages of zebrafish

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The identification of C-type lectin (Group V) natural killer (NK) cell receptors in bony fish has remained elusive. Analyses of the Fugu rubripes genome database failed to identify Group V C-type lectin domains (Zelensky and Gready, BMC Genomics 5:51, 2004) suggesting that bony fish, in general, may lack such receptors. Numerous Group II C-type lectin receptors, which are structurally similar to Group V (NK) receptors, have been characterized in bony fish. By searching the zebrafish genome database we have identified a multi-gene family of Group II immune-related, lectin-like receptors (illrs) whose members possess inhibiting and/or activating signaling motifs typical of Group V NK receptors. Illr genes are differentially expressed in the myeloid and lymphoid lineages, suggesting that they may play important roles in the immune functions of multiple hematopoietic cell lineages.

Nucleotide sequence data reported have been deposited in the GenBank and ZFIN databases [accession numbers AY986755 (illr1), AY986756 (illr3_a), AY986757 (illr3_b), and AY986758 (illrL)]. The genome database ID numbers for these genes are (gene/transcript/protein): illr1 (OTTDARG00000014118/ OTTDART00000016839/ OTTDARP00000014272), illr2 (OTTDARG00000014110/ OTTDART 00000016827/ OTTDARP00000017119), illr3_a (OTTDARG00000014108/ OTTDART00000016822/ OTTDARP00000014257), illr3_b (OTTDARG00000014108/ OTTDART00000020282/ OTTDARP00000017118), illrL (OTTDARG00000015418/ OTTDART00000018473/ OTTDARP00000015598)