, Volume 53, Issue 10-11, pp 989-991

MICA-A5.1 allele is associated with atypical forms of celiac disease in HLA-DQ2-negative patients

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We selected 38 consecutive celiac disease (CD) patients (from a group of 316 consecutive CD patients) and 91 healthy blood donors, all of whom were HLA-DQ2 (DQA1*0501/DQB1*0201) negative, and investigated the presence of the classically associated alleles HLA-DQ8 and HLA-DRB4. We also studied the distribution of MICA transmembrane alleles in the two clinical forms of the disease. For this reason, these 38 DQ2-negative patients were subdivided into two groups: 18 typical CD patients and 20 atypical CD patients. No differences were found in the distribution of the DRB4 allele between DQ2-negative patients and controls. The HLA-DQ8 heterodimer (DQA1*03xx/DQB1*0302) was increased in CD patients (29%) compared with controls (10%), but no statistical differences were found. No differences were observed in the frequency of these alleles between either group of CD DQ2-negative patients. MICA-A5.1 was increased in atypical CD patients when compared with the typical forms of disease (P c=0.03) and with healthy controls (P c=0.002). No other MICA allele was found to be significantly increased in the groups under study. The presence of MICA-A5.1 in atypical CD DQ2-negative patients may indicate a possible role of this allele in the development of CD.

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