, Volume 38, Issue 7, pp 1013-1027
Date: 08 May 2009

Conserved motifs in mechanosensitive channels MscL and MscS

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Mechanosensitive (MS) channels play a major role in protecting bacterial cells against hypo-osmotic shock. To understand their function, it is important to identify the conserved motifs using sequence analysis methods. In this study, the sequence conservation was investigated by an in silico analysis to generate sequence logos. We have identified new conserved motifs in the domains TM1, TM2 and the cytoplasmic helix from 231 homologs of MS channel of large conductance (MscL). In addition, we have identified new motifs for the TM3 and the cytoplasmic carboxy-terminal domain from 309 homologs of MS channel of small conductance (MscS). We found that the conservation in MscL homologs is high for TM1 and TM2 in the three domains of life. The conservation in MscS homologs is high only for TM3 in Bacteria and Archaea.