, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp 88-96

Bacterial Growth Efficiency in the Tropical Estuarine and Coastal Waters of Goa, Southwest Coast of India

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Bacterial growth efficiency (BGE) is an index of organic carbon passing through bacteria in an aquatic system. BGE values of natural bacterioplankton assemblages were measured in tropical estuarine and adjacent coastal waters in Goa along the southwest coast of India. The BGE values for estuarine and coastal waters were 18 (±7.84%) and 11 (±4.19%), respectively. BGE in these waters were at the lower end of what is usually found in productive systems. This may be due to the high respiration rates. Further, it was observed that grazers also influenced BGE. As BGE was positively correlated with bacterial productivity, the observed variation in BGE was attributed to bacterial productivity. BGE was inversely related to C:N ratio, indicating a close coupling between the nature of the substrates and BGE. Being system-dependent, the variations in BGE at the two locations were dynamic and were regulated by the quality of the substrates. Therefore, a constant value for BGE would lead to error in carbon budgets in these waters.