, Volume 29, Issue 11, pp 851-855

Simple intratesticular cysts in children: preoperative sonographic diagnosis and histological correlation

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Background. Simple intratesticular cysts are rare in children and have been considered the most uncommon cause of scrotal cystic masses in this age group. The exact etiology of these lesions is still unclear. High-resolution ultrasonography has been proved to be a reliable and accurate imaging modality in the evaluation of scrotal abnormalities in children. Patients and methods. We report the sonographic findings in five boys aged from 4 to 10 months who presented with a scrotal mass and had a simple intratesticular cyst. Ultrasonography showed that all of them displayed a characteristic appearance and provided the necessary information to perform conservative surgery, with testicular preservation in four infants. In one infant, the cyst involved most of the testis, and an orchiectomy was performed. Results. Pathological examination revealed a single smooth-walled cystic structure, with clear and serous fluid, lined with flattened epithelial cells in all of the infants. Conclusion. Our findings appear to support the hypothesis that these cysts could correspond to mesothelial inclusions. Sonographically, differential diagnosis should include mainly epidermoid cysts of the testis, which are mostly cystic but characteristically contain some echoes within them, in contrast to simple cysts and cysts of the tunica albuginea, which lie outside the testicular parenchyma.