, Volume 42, Issue 12, pp 1413-1416
Date: 18 Nov 2012

Active reviewers (from October 2011 to October 2012)

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The Managing Editors and Assistant Editors wish to express their gratitude to the reviewers whose competence and expertise have helped us to make Pediatric Radiology the quality journal that it is today. We thank you for your dedication and the time and hard work you have devoted to the review process. The prompt return of your critiques has enabled us to record an average of 30 days from submission to first decision. Likewise the editors wish to publicly express their gratitude to the members of the Editorial Board whose names are recorded on the masthead of each issue.

Abernethy L., Liverpool

Abramson S., New York

Adamsbaum C., Paris

Adler B., Columbus

Adler J., Ann Arbor

Aga P., Locknow

Agarwal A., Hershey

Al-Otaibi L., Riyadh

Altinok D., Detroit

Amaral J., Toronto

Andronikou S., Cape Town

Anooshiravani M., Geneva

Anton C., Cincinnati

Anupindi S., Philadelphia

Applegate K., Atlanta

Argyropoulou M., Ioannina

Arthur R., Leeds

Arthurs O., London

Astrakas L., Ioannina

Avni F., Brussels

Azouz M., Ottawa