, Volume 42, Issue 5, pp 544-551
Date: 02 Dec 2011

Prenatal imaging of amniotic band sequence: utility and role of fetal MRI as an adjunct to prenatal US

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Amniotic band sequence and its US manifestations have been well-described. There is little information, however, regarding the accuracy and utility of fetal MRI.


To describe the MRI findings in amniotic band sequence and to compare the diagnostic accuracy of MRI and US.

Materials and methods

Prenatal MRI and US studies were retrospectively reviewed in 14 consecutive pregnancies with confirmed amniotic band sequence. Both studies were evaluated for amniotic band visualization, body part affected, type of deformity, umbilical cord involvement and vascular abnormality.


Amniotic bands were confidently identified with MRI in 8 fetuses (57%), suggested with MRI in 3 fetuses (21%) and confidently seen by US in 13 fetuses (93%). Neither modality detected surgically proven bands on one fetus. Both techniques were equally able to define the body part affected and the type of deformity. At least one limb abnormality was visualized in all cases and truncal involvement was present in two cases. Cord involvement was identified in seven cases, with one case detected only by MRI.


Fetal MRI is able to visualize amniotic bands and their secondary manifestations and could be complementary to prenatal US when fetal surgery is contemplated.

Jeremy Neuman and Maria A. Calvo-Garcia contributed equally to the paper