, Volume 39, Issue 10, pp 1135-1138

Image Gently, Step Lightly: increasing radiation dose awareness in pediatric interventional radiology

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Children and radiation safety

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement reported in March 2009 that radiation dose to the United States population had risen sevenfold since the early 1980s. CT and nuclear medicine are the two largest contributors to medical radiation, with fluoroscopic exposure during interventional procedures the third largest contributor, accounting for 7% of the total medical radiation dose to the U.S. public [1]. The readers of Pediatric Radiology are well aware of the risks of unnecessary and excessive medical radiation to our pediatric patients. While children undergo interventional procedures less commonly than adults, the use of interventional radiology (IR) in pediatric care is increasing, and some more complex procedures can result in long fluoroscopic times. Further, children with chronic illnesses may undergo many IR procedures, and receive a higher cumulative dose from repeated exposures [26]. Just as with CT, it is our responsibility to