, Volume 39, Issue 4, pp 367-370
Date: 03 Feb 2009

Building a culture of research among clinical pediatric radiologists: a multifaceted, programmatic approach

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Creating and maintaining a culture of research can be a challenge. We describe some of the tactics that we found useful to encourage the radiology faculty to participate in research in an era of continuing increases in clinical work.


In the early years of this decade, there were a number of factors inhibiting the academic missions of pediatric radiology departments and divisions. The increasing penetration of managed care and decreased reimbursement for clinical activities were having a negative impact on academic productivity [13]. This occurred in a time of increasing clinical volume and resulted in faculty spending larger amounts of time performing and interpreting clinical imaging examinations and less time undertaking academic pursuits, such as publishing [1]. Intensifying these issues was a marked shortage of pediatric radiologists in North America [1, 4]. The end result was that pediatric radiologists concentrated their time and effort on meeting clinical d