, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 286-289
Date: 17 Dec 2008

Xanthogranulomatous adrenalitis in a neonate: CT and US findings

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We report a 46-day-old female infant with xanthogranulomatous adrenalitis. Ultrasonography showed a complex, solid-cystic right suprarenal mass with poorly defined margins. Colour flow Doppler revealed the solid portion of the mass to be vascular. CT demonstrated a heterogeneous cystic and solid mass with some contrast enhancement in the inferior part of the lesion. There was compression of the adjacent upper pole of the right kidney and the lateral aspect of the inferior vena cava. The mass was completely removed; histological examination revealed xanthogranulomatous adrenalitis. At the time of this report she remained well 3 years following surgery.