, Volume 36, Issue 8, p 892
Date: 07 Jun 2006


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We appreciate the comments of Dr. McCarville and are thankful for her interest in our paper [1]. We agree that sonography of the abdomen can be performed as the first-line imaging modality in the evaluation of children with suspected typhlitis. In our department, we begin with sonography as the initial imaging method for children with inflammatory bowel disease. However, the sonogram might not satisfy both the clinician and the radiologist because the image quality depends on the experience of the sonographer or radiologist and the cooperation of the patient. I have been the primary attending physician for sonography since 1999, and I have found, either because of lack of patient cooperation or overlying gas, that sonography might not always give us the complete answer.

As mentioned in your retrospective study [2], typhlitis is a potentially life-threatening necrotizing inflammation of the cecum and colon. Typhlitis is not an isolated condition in that it is present with various imm ...