, Volume 45, Issue 7, pp 489-492
Date: 11 Jun 2003

High-resolution 3D T2-weighted fast spin echo: new applications in the orbit

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Recent developments have made available for ophthalmologic MR imaging a very high-resolution 3D fast spin echo T2 (3D FSE T2) sequence, which runs in a standard head coil. A modification of this technique, 3D FSEz T2, uses a zero-filled slice interpolation method during post-processing to further improve spatial resolution. We describe the technique and share our early clinical observations in patients with ocular masses. Briefly, the additional information from the 3D FSEz T2 resulted in a change in diagnosis from the conventional imaging series in 11 of (41%) 27 studies, usually through the identification of previously treated retinoblastoma lesions. The new sequence significantly increased diagnostic confidence in six (38%) of the remaining 16 cases, usually through better anatomical detail and lesion conspicuity, and did not change interpretation in 10 cases. Such an approach improves diagnostic confidence and may eliminate the need for a dedicated surface coil examination.