, Volume 69, Issue 8, pp 1615-1616
Date: 25 Apr 2013

Two cases of hallucination in elderly patients due to a probable interaction between flu immunization and tramadol

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Annual vaccination against influenza (FluV) is indicated for individuals at risk of developing medical complications because of underlying pathological conditions [1]. Most of these patients are likely to be exposed to drug treatments occasionally characterised by a narrow therapeutic index. The possible effects of FluV on the metabolism of these drugs have not been investigated in detail [2].

We report on an adverse drug reaction (ADR) in two elderly patients, a woman and a man aged 85 and 84 years, respectively, highly homogeneous in terms of pathological manifestations, who developed hallucinations after the administration of FluV (Vaxigrip® and Intanza®, respectively). Both patients at the moment of vaccination had been receiving treatment with tramadol for several months due to chronic lumbar pain.

The female patient had tolerated tramadol (100 mg/day) well, and no interactions were evident with the concomitant therapy (Table 1). Six days after vaccination she developed hallucinatio

Paolo Pellegrino and Carla Carnovale contributed equally to the work.