, Volume 139, Issue 2, pp 211-219

Molecular taxonomy of vestimentiferans of the western Pacific and their phylogenetic relationship to species of the eastern Pacific. I. Family Lamellibrachiidae

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Phylogenetic relationships among vestimentiferans in the family Lamellibrachiidae collected from ten sites in the western Pacific were analyzed on the basis of the nucleotide sequence of part of a mitochondrial gene for cytochrome oxidase I. The 103 individuals analyzed were tentatively classified into five species: namely, Lamellibrachia satsuma, three tentative species inhabiting Japanese waters and one tentative species from the Manus Basin. Phylogenetic analysis of the four tentative species, L. satsuma, and two lamellibrachiids, whose sequences had been reported previously, namely L. columna from the Lau Basin and L. barhami from the Oregon Margin and the Middle Valley, revealed that the lamellibrachiids from Japanese waters were not monophyletic. While two tentative species from Japanese waters and L. columna formed a monophyletic group, the other tentative species from Japanese waters was closely related to the tentative species from the Manus Basin. L. satsuma was shown to be phylogenetically distinct from other lamellibrachiids of the western Pacific. A lamellibrachiid that had been collected from the Nikko Seamount was also demonstrated to be L. sastuma.

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