, Volume 138, Issue 4, pp 687-692

Mineral concentration in tissues during ovarian development of the white shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Decapoda: Penaeidae)

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Levels of calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and manganese were examined in the muscle, hepatopancreas, and gonad of white shrimp, Penaeus vannamei, females at different stages of ovary maturation. Eyestalk-ablated shrimp were sampled during the intermolt stage and classified using the following maturation stages evaluated histologically: cortical stage, vitellogenesis, previtellogenesis, and without gonadic development. In muscle, the copper concentration was significantly lower in the vitellogenic stage than in other stages of ovary development. In the hepatopancreas, manganese levels were higher in the cortical and vitellogenic stages than in animals in previtellogenesis and without gonadic development. No other influence of ovary maturation on muscle and hepatopancreas mineral content was found. In contrast, in the ovary, significant differences of some mineral concentrations were detected. Zinc, iron, and magnesium concentrations were significantly increased in the cortical stage compared to the vitellogenic and previtellogenic stages. Our results indicate that these elements are selectively accumulated during ovary development, especially when the ovaries reach the cortical stage.

Received: 14 March 2000 / Accepted: 30 November 2000