, Volume 158, Issue 9, pp 2095-2107
Date: 18 May 2011

Area-specific temporal changes of species composition and species-specific range shifts in rocky-shore mollusks associated with warming Kuroshio Current

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Increases of low-latitude species in various sea areas and poleward shifts of ranges of many species have been reported and linked to warming environments. To examine the generality of these trends for mollusks, we conducted 7 quadrat surveys during 1978–2006 on Pacific rocky shores in Japan (26.6–45.0°N). Results showed that the dominance of southern species increased on 11 of the 15 shores in a southern, warming sea area but on only 1 of the 6 shores in a northern area with no warming trend. The latitudes of species ranges increased on average but showed large interspecific variations which showed a weak, positive correlation with interspecific taxonomic distance. The differences of these results from the previously reported trends are discussed in relation to the unique current patterns in our study area and the phylogenetic constraints of species-specific responses to a warming environment.

Communicated by F. Bulleri.