, Volume 64, Issue 3, pp 257-258

Bone Mineral Density, Body Mass Index, and Hip Axis Length in Postmenopausal Cretan Women with Cervical and Trochanteric Fractures

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We assessed the bone mineral density (BMD), the body mass index (BMI), and the hip axis length (HAL) in 78 postmenopausal women with 38 cervical and 40 trochanteric hip fractures. The results were compared with those of age-matched, control postmenopausal women. No statistically significant difference was found in the values of BMD, BMI, and HAL between the groups of patients with cervical and those with trochanteric fractures, but lower BMD and BMI were found in fracture patients compared with the corresponding values of the control subjects. Contrary to the existing data, HAL was found to be shorter in the fracture patients compared with the controls. Thus, the type of hip fracture was found to be independent of the value of BMD, BMI, and the length of the patient's hip axis. The fact that a shorter hip axis was found in the group of fracture patients compared with that found in the control subjects raises questions about the significance of this parameter as an independent risk factor for hip fracture.

Received: 9 February 1998 / Accepted: 24 June 1998