, Volume 231, Issue 3, pp 431-440

Impact of sourdough, yeast and gluten on small and large deformation rheological profiles of durum wheat bread doughs

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The impact of percentage of sourdough (SD) addition and presence of yeast (Y) and/or commercial wheat gluten (G) -added singly and in binary combination- on both small and large deformation rheological performance and viscometric profile of durum wheat bread doughs was considered. Eight distinctive rheological dough features were identified as able/capable to clearly differentiate soured bread doughs made with semolina:remilled semolina rate of 80:20 into defined functional quality groups. The presence of added commercial wheat gluten provided firmer, more elastic and more extensible doughs with slightly lower viscometric profile. Simultaneous presence of yeast/sourdough and yeast/gluten modulate single effects of sourdough on the durum wheat bread dough mechanical properties. Several relationships were found between fundamental and empirical rheological properties and within viscometric features of soured semolina doughs.