, Volume 227, Issue 5, pp 1429-1438
Date: 29 Apr 2008

A procedure for olive oil traceability and authenticity: DNA extraction, multiplex PCR and LDR–universal array analysis

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Traceability of olive oils is relevant not only in assessing their origin, but also in protecting against frauds. Here, we present an improvement of the assay previously developed for the genotyping of forty-nine frequently grown Mediterranean olive cultivars by ligation detection reaction (LDR)/universal array (UA), refining the entire procedure in order to address DNA extracted from monovarietal olive oils. Firstly, a simple and robust protocol to extract amplifiable DNA from olive oil was developed. Then, the SNP-containing DNA sequences were simultaneous amplified by multiplex PCR and used on a LDR-UA platform, which gave precise and accurate genotype results. Thirteen out of the seventeen investigated SNPs were amplifiable in multiplex PCR, and were sufficient to unequivocally discriminate the forty-nine cultivars. The availability of this semi-automated SNP genotyping assay should help food testing laboratories to verify the origin and authenticity of monovarietal extra-virgin olive oils.

C. Consolandi and L. Palmieri equally contributed to this research paper.