, Volume 226, Issue 3, pp 523-530
Date: 08 Mar 2007

Textural and colour changes during storage and sensory shelf life of muffins containing resistant starch

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The effect on baked muffins of progressively replacing wheat flour with resistant starch (RS) (26/0, 21/5, 16/10, 11/15 and 6/20) was studied. In this study, texture profile analysis (TPA) and the elastic recovery test were used to evaluate the effects of RS on the textural properties of fresh and stored muffins (from 0 to 16 days). Textural parameter values decreased with the increase of RS; springiness and cohesiveness reflected better than the textural differences for fresh muffins. Changes in the textural parameter values with storage time were smaller at higher RS levels. Survival analysis methodology was used to estimate the changes in muffin shelf life. Shelf life time of control muffin is higher than 20% RS muffin for 25% consumer rejection but this behaviour is the opposite for 50% consumer rejection.