, Volume 222, Issue 3-4, pp 336-342
Date: 23 Sep 2005

Microencapsulation of fish oil by spray drying--impact on oxidative stability. Part 1

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The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of spray drying on oxidative stability of dried microencapsulated fish oil (DMFO) coated with modified cellulose. DMFO samples were obtained by spray drying of prepared emulsions consisted of water solution of modified cellulose and fish oil. Appearance and size of particles were measured by electron microscopy and laser light microsizer. The oxidative stability of samples was evaluated by peroxide value measurements. Additionally the influence of different antioxidant substances on oxidative stability of the fish oil was investigated. It was observed that oxidation changes were much slower in bulk fish oil compared to DMFO. The most important factor determining shelf-life of the product was the access to air. It can be concluded, that the production of fish oil microcapsules by spray drying technique is possible, however its oxidative stability is not improved.