, Volume 371, Issue 3, pp 300-306
Date: 12 Feb 2014

Matching reference materials with AOAC International methods of analysis

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Proper implementation and use of validated analytical methodology with use of appropriate reference materials (RM) is a preferred means of helping to ensure equivalent analytical method performance in diverse laboratories. Choice of an appropriate RM that not only matches the analyte and matrix of the required determination, but also has been demonstrated to be within the applicability of a specific analytical method, are key factors. In response to numerous requests since its founding in 1993, the Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM), AOAC International is implementing a program for recognizing the matching of specific reference materials to specific AOAC methods of analysis. This recognition is accomplished by means of a thorough peer-reviewed selection system, under the auspices of the AOAC official methods board and the executive committee of the TDRM. Potential RM/method matching (RM/MM) proposals will be submitted to an RM/MM committee. After technical review of the suitability of the proposed RM by the RM/MM committee, acceptable matches are recommended for review by the current AOAC process responsible for review and recognition of new methods and modifications to existing AOAC methods of analysis. Several trial matches have been used to develop and test this system. The end product of this effort will ultimately be made available as either a stand-alone document, a section of the AOAC Official Methods of Analysis, or a site within the AOAC web site listing recognized matches.

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