, Volume 370, Issue 2-3, pp 194-199

GC–FID as a primary method for establishing the purity of organic CRMs used for drugs in sport analysis

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The National Analytical Reference Laboratory has synthesized and characterized 67 anabolic steroid marker metabolites, both unlabelled and deuterated, and 37 key glucuronide and sulfate steroid conjugate pure substance reference materials. Work is also in process to establish their full traceability so that they can be issued as certified and primary reference materials. Both identity and purity have been rigorously characterized using a number of techniques and a primary method for purity assessment developed, based gas chromatography combined with flame ionization detection for the parent steroids and HPLC with evaporative light scattering detection for non-volatile steroid conjugates. Strategies for establishing traceability and for estimating measurement uncertainty are reported. The strategies described are considered applicable to a wide range of organic pure substance reference materials.