, Volume 359, Issue 1, pp 15-22

Label free binding assay with spectroscopic detection for pharmaceutical screening

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Many therapeutic drugs exert their effects by interaction with well defined molecular targets. Increasing knowledge in molecular biology allows identification of more and more molecular key compounds and in consequence a molecular approach to disease and therapy. As binding of drugs to their target compounds is a key event, binding assays with an appropriate target molecule are useful means for primary screening of novel substances. We have investigated the potential of thin film interference spectroscopy (RIFS) as a label free detection method for pharmaceutical screening in a binding inhibition assay. To meet the throughput requirements in pharmaceutical screening a parallel detection system based on imaging spectroscopy was constructed. Thrombin/thrombin inhibitor interaction was investigated as a model system. The thin film transducer was covalently modified with a thrombin inhibitor. Specific binding of thrombin and binding inhibition by inhibitor compounds could be observed. A test cycle of less than 10 min could be reached. The parallel setup allows the simultaneous detection of 96 binding curves and can reach a throughput of more than 106 samples per year.

Received: 26 November 1996 / Revised: 17 February 1997 / Accepted: 22 February 1997