, Volume 367, Issue 5, pp 445-449

Automated multiple solid phase micro extraction. An approach to enhance the limit of detection for the determination of pesticides in water

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A method was developed to decrease the limit of detection (LOD) for pesticide residue analysis in water using multiple SPME. To enhance the absolute amount transferred to the GC column an enrichment step is integrated in the SPME/GC-analysis. A series of several extraction and desorption steps are performed and the analytes are trapped at the front of the cold GC column before the GC analysis is started. The parameters mainly influencing this enrichment are the equilibrium time, the slope of the adsorption time/peak area profile at its start, the number and the duration of the extraction steps. The role of these parameters was investigated.

Received: 18 October 1999 / Revised: 28 December 1999 / Accepted: 25 January 2000