, Volume 405, Issue 10, pp 3085-3089
Date: 29 Jan 2013

Simultaneous chromatography and electrophoresis: two-dimensional planar separations

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Single-dimension separations are routinely coupled in series to achieve two-dimensional separations, yet little has been done to simultaneously exploit multiple dimensions during separation. In this work, simultaneous chromatography and electrophoresis is introduced and evaluated for its potential to achieve two-dimensional separations. In simultaneous chromatography and electrophoresis, chromatography occurs via capillary action while an orthogonal electric field concurrently promotes electrophoresis in a second dimension. A novel apparatus with a dual solvent reservoir was designed to apply the concurrent electric field. Various compounds were used to characterize the apparatus and technique, i.e., vitamins, amino acids, and dyes. Improved separation is reported with equivalent analysis times in comparison to planar chromatography alone. The feasibility of simultaneously employing chromatography and electrophoresis in two dimensions is discussed.


Separation of eight dyes is improved in comparison to (a) planar chromatography alone when employing (b) simultaneous chromatography and electrophoresis