, Volume 404, Issue 4, pp 1165-1179
Date: 07 Jul 2012

Quantitative NMR for bioanalysis and metabolomics

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Over the last several decades, significant technical and experimental advances have made quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (qNMR) a valuable analytical tool for quantitative measurements on a wide variety of samples. In particular, qNMR has emerged as an important method for metabolomics studies where it is used for interrogation of large sets of biological samples and the resulting spectra are treated with multivariate statistical analysis methods. In this review, recent developments in instrumentation and pulse sequences will be discussed as well as the practical considerations necessary for acquisition of quantitative NMR experiments with an emphasis on their use for bioanalysis. Recent examples of the application of qNMR for metabolomics/metabonomics studies, the characterization of biologicals such as heparin, antibodies, and vaccines, and the analysis of botanical natural products will be presented and the future directions of qNMR discussed.