, Volume 402, Issue 3, pp 1065-1072
Date: 17 Nov 2011

Trapping cells on a stretchable microwell array for single-cell analysis

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There is a need for a technology that can be incorporated into routine laboratory procedures to obtain a continuous, quantitative, fluorescence-based measurement of the dynamic behaviors of numerous individual living cells in parallel, while allowing other manipulations, such as staining, rinsing, and even retrieval of targeted cells. Here, we report a simple, low-cost microarray platform that can trap cells for dynamic single-cell analysis of mammalian cells. The elasticity of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) was utilized to trap tens of thousands of cells on an array. The PDMS microwell array was stretched by a tube through which cells were loaded on the array. Cells were trapped on the array by removal of the tube and relaxation of the PDMS. Once that was accomplished, the cells remained trapped on the array without continuous application of an external force and permitted subsequent manipulations, such as staining, rinsing, imaging, and even isolation of targeted cells. We demonstrate the utility of this platform by multicolor analysis of trapped cells and monitoring in individual cells real-time calcium flux after exposure to the calcium ionophore ionomycin. Additionally, a proof of concept for target cell isolation was demonstrated by using a microneedle to locally deform the PDMS membrane in order to retrieve a particular cell from the array.