, Volume 397, Issue 3, pp 1113-1135
Date: 27 Apr 2010

Development and application of lateral flow test strip technology for detection of infectious agents and chemical contaminants: a review

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Recent progress in the laboratory has been a result of improvements in rapid analytical techniques. An update of the applications of lateral flow tests (also called immunochromatographic assay or test strip) is presented in this review manuscrit. We emphasized the description of this technology in the detection of a variety of biological agents and chemical contaminants (e.g. veterinary drugs, toxins and pesticides). It includes outstanding data, such as sample treatment, sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and reproducibility. Lateral flow tests provide advantages in simplicity and rapidity when compared to the conventional detection methods.

Overview of study using colored particles as label in lateral flow tests for the detection of pathogen agents and chemical contaminants. Data were obtained from a literature survey. The total number of published reports considered in this figure was seventy two