, Volume 396, Issue 6, pp 2113-2123,
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Date: 04 Dec 2009

A theoretical introduction to “Combinatory SYBR®Green qPCR Screening”, a matrix-based approach for the detection of materials derived from genetically modified plants


The detection of genetically modified (GM) materials in food and feed products is a complex multi-step analytical process invoking screening, identification, and often quantification of the genetically modified organisms (GMO) present in a sample. “Combinatory qPCR SYBR®Green screening” (CoSYPS) is a matrix-based approach for determining the presence of GM plant materials in products. The CoSYPS decision-support system (DSS) interprets the analytical results of SYBR®GREEN qPCR analysis based on four values: the C t- and T m values and the LOD and LOQ for each method. A theoretical explanation of the different concepts applied in CoSYPS analysis is given (GMO Universe, “Prime number tracing”, matrix/combinatory approach) and documented using the RoundUp Ready soy GTS40-3-2 as an example. By applying a limited set of SYBR®GREEN qPCR methods and through application of a newly developed “prime number”-based algorithm, the nature of subsets of corresponding GMO in a sample can be determined. Together, these analyses provide guidance for semi-quantitative estimation of GMO presence in a food and feed product.