, Volume 396, Issue 1, pp 511-524
Date: 19 Nov 2009

Bonded ionic liquid polymeric material for solid-phase microextraction GC analysis

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Four new ionic liquids (IL) were prepared and bonded onto 5-µm silica particles for use as adsorbent in solid-phase microextraction (SPME). Two ILs contained styrene units that allowed for polymerization and higher carbon content of the bonded silica particles. Two polymeric ILs differing by their anion were used to prepare two SPME fibers that were used in both headspace and immersion extractions and compared to commercial fibers. In both sets of experiments, ethyl acetate was used as an internal standard to take into account adsorbent volume differences between the fibers. The polymeric IL fibers are very efficient in headspace SPME for short-chain alcohols. Immersion SPME also can be used with the IL fibers for short-chain alcohols as well as for polar and basic amines that can be extracted at pH 11 without damage to the IL-bonded silica particles. The sensitivities of the two IL fibers differing by the anion were similar. Their efficacy compares favorably to that of commercial fibers for polar analytes. The mechanical strength and durability of the polymeric IL fibers were excellent.


Chemistry of the polymerized ionic liquid absorbant and its morphology when bonded to the SPME fiber.

Eranda Wanigasekara and Sirantha Perera contributed equally to this paper.