, Volume 394, Issue 7, pp 1787-1795
Date: 20 May 2009

Tip-enhanced near-field optical microscopy of carbon nanotubes

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We review recent experimental studies on single-walled carbon nanotubes on substrates using tip-enhanced near-field optical microscopy (TENOM). High-resolution optical and topographic imaging with sub 15 nm spatial resolution is shown to provide novel insights into the spectroscopic properties of these nanoscale materials. In the case of semiconducting nanotubes, the simultaneous observation of Raman scattering and photoluminescence (PL) is possible, enabling a direct correlation between vibrational and electronic properties on the nanoscale. So far, applications of TENOM have focused on the spectroscopy of localized phonon modes, local band energy renormalizations induced by charge carrier doping, the environmental sensitivity of nanotube PL, and inter-nanotube energy transfer. At the end of this review we discuss the remaining limitations and challenges in this field.


Tip-enhanced Raman scattering and photoluminescence spectroscopy with sub 15 nm spatial resolution provides novel insights into the electronic and vibronic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes.