, Volume 389, Issue 7-8, pp 2265-2275
Date: 27 Sep 2007

PEG-linked geminal dicationic ionic liquids as selective, high-stability gas chromatographic stationary phases

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It is known that room-temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) have wide applicability in many scientific and technological fields. In this work, a series of three new dicationic room-temperature ionic liquids functionalized with poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) linkages were synthesized and characterized via a linear solvation model. The application of these ILs as new GC stationary phases was studied. The efficient separation of several mixtures containing compounds of different polarities and 24 components of a flavor and fragrance mixture indicated comparable or higher resolving power for the new IL stationary phases compared to the commercial polysiloxane and poly(ethylene glycol)-based stationary phases. In addition, the selectivities of the IL stationary phases could be quite unique. The separation of a homologous alkane and alcohol mixture displayed the “dual nature” of these ionic liquids as GC stationary phases. The thermal stability study showed the column robustness up to 350 °C. The high separation power, unique selectivity, high efficiency and high thermal stability of the new dicationic ionic liquids indicate that they may be applicable as a new type of robust GC stationary phase.