, Volume 387, Issue 2, p 523
Date: 13 Dec 2006

Metabonomics, metabolomics, and metabolic profiling

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This special issue on metabonomics, metabolomics, and metabolic profiling includes a selection of original papers, reviews, and trends articles that have been accepted for publication following peer review. Although this selection of papers cannot constitute a comprehensive review for this diverse and fast-moving research area, it does highlight many of the current trends in the field.

The traditional approach to metabolism studies was to focus on a single pathway, determining the enzymes, substrates, and products involved. However, because metabolic pathways are both branched and interconnected, perturbation of a single step in one metabolic pathway can have broad consequences for the organism. Introduction of metabolomics/metabonomics approaches has re-invigorated the study of metabolism and is having profound impacts on biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Rather than focusing on the few metabolites involved in a specific pathway, these approaches use analytical methods like NMR a ...