, Volume 385, Issue 7, pp 1209-1217
Date: 04 May 2006

Bienzyme sensors based on novel polymethylferrocenyl dendrimers

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Amperometric bienzyme electrodes with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and glucose oxidase (GOx) co-immobilized on polymethylferrocenyl dendrimers deposited onto platinum electrodes have been used for determination of the hydrogen peroxide produced by the oxidase during the enzymatic reaction. The redox dendrimers consist of flexible poly(propylenimine) dendrimer cores functionalised with octamethylferrocenyl units. The effects of dendrimer generation, the thickness of the dendrimer layer, substrate concentration, interferences, and reproducibility on the response of the sensors were investigated. The new bienzyme biosensors respond to substrate at work potential values between 200 and 50 mV (vs. SCE), have good sensitivity, and are resistant to interferences.