, Volume 384, Issue 4, pp 951-957
Date: 10 Jan 2006

Elemental mapping and quantitative analysis of Cu, Zn, and Fe in rat brain sections by laser ablation ICP-MS

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This report details the application of laser ablation quadrupole ICP-MS for the (multi)elemental mapping of 100-μm-thick sections of rat brain. The laser spot size used was 60 μm, and the laser scan speed was 120 μm s−1. The analysis was relatively rapid, allowing mapping of a whole brain thin section (≈1 cm2) in about 2 h. Furthermore, the method was amenable to multi-element data collection including the physiologically important elements P and S and afforded sub μg g−1 detection limits for the important trace elements Cu and Zn. Calibrations were performed with pressed pellets of biological certified reference materials, and the elemental distributions and concentrations of Cu, Zn, and Fe were determined in whole rat brain sections. The distributions and concentration ranges for these elements were consistent with previous studies and demonstrate the utility of this technique for rapid mapping of brain thin sections.