, Volume 379, Issue 1, pp 137-142
Date: 25 Mar 2004

A new instrument adapted to in situ Raman analysis of objects of art

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The analysis of precious artefacts and antiquities demands care in order to minimise the risk of accidental damage during measurement. Mobile fibre-optic-based Raman instruments offer a means to avoid destructive sampling and eliminate the need to transport artefacts for spectrochemical analysis. In this work we present a new mobile instrument developed and optimised for the in situ Raman investigation of objects of art and antiquities. The instrument is controlled by a portable computer. Selected mounts cover many types of artefacts. Newly written software routines organise spectra together with measurement parameters and facilitate calibration of the instrument. The present paper describes this new Raman instrument and discusses some challenges in the transition from a laboratory environment to in situ investigations in museums.