, 131:1164
Date: 15 Mar 2012

Research expedition of Prof. Eluvathingal D. Jemmis

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Professor Eluvathingal D. Jemmis, completed 60 years on 31 October 2011. For the past 40 years, he dedicated his life to fundamental chemical research in India. His pioneering research career resulted in the publication of around 200 original research articles (about 40 of them in JACS). Professor Jemmis silently but most effectively transformed the way in which experimentalists perceive theoreticians in India. He has trained more than 25 Ph.D. students, and several of them have emerged as leading computational chemists, biologists, and material scientists. His accomplishments in research have resulted in several awards and he is elected as a fellow of all the three science academies of India, and also of the academy of sciences for the developing world.

In retrospect, it was probably a very tough call—to move from the most modern research University in USA to a budding university in India. The dream was big—to make pioneering efforts in applied theoretical chemistry, to carryout excell

Published as part of the special collection of articles celebrating the 60th birthday of Professor Eluvathingal Jemmis.