, Volume 207, Issue 3, pp 511-512
Date: 16 Sep 2009

Amnestic effects of sodium oxybate are less than those of triazolam—reply to Drs. Zvosec and Smith

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We would like to thank Drs. Zvosec and Smith for their compliments regarding our recent study of the effects of sodium oxybate and triazolam on different types of memory processes. We agree that these topics are important, in need of rigorous study, and have practical clinical implications.

We also agree with Drs. Zvosec and Smith that there are potential differences between the number of forensic cases in which a drug can be detected and in which a drug was actually ingested. The difference between these two numbers is likely to be dependent on several factors, such as the dose of drug administered, the rate of drug metabolism, the storage of drug in body tissues, the ease of drug detection, and the availability of specific and sensitive forensic tests for the drug. For these reasons, the difference between the number of cases in which a drug is detected and the number of cases in which a drug is administered is likely to be larger for GHB compared to other drugs. However, even supposi ...