, Volume 199, Issue 1, pp 131-132
Date: 28 May 2008

The review by Weinmann and colleagues

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Dear Sir,

The review by Weinmann et al. (2007), published in this journal, addresses the important question of venlafaxine versus selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), referred to our previous work in this area (Smith et al. 2002) making several points that require clarification.

Using somewhat different inclusion criteria and crucially without the benefit of access to unpublished data, the authors appear to arrive at quite different conclusions from those reached in our earlier review. However, when we concentrate on the results that they describe, rather than the statements that they make, we find that the differences between our works are rather more modest.

The authors’ inclusion criteria differed from ours in a key regard. We had untrammeled access to unpublished data, but Weinmann and colleagues elected to exclude studies that had not been fully published or that had substantial number of patients lost to follow-up. As the authors note, the major difference between the tw ...

Nick Freemantle has received funding for research, consulting, and travel expenses from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of venlafaxine.