Mathematische Annalen

, Volume 349, Issue 1, pp 1–57

Bessel pairs and optimal Hardy and Hardy–Rellich inequalities


DOI: 10.1007/s00208-010-0510-x

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Ghoussoub, N. & Moradifam, A. Math. Ann. (2011) 349: 1. doi:10.1007/s00208-010-0510-x


We give necessary and sufficient conditions on a pair of positive radial functions V and W on a ball B of radius R in Rn, n ≥ 1, so that the following inequalities hold for all \({u \in C_{0}^{\infty}(B)}\) :
$$\label{one} \int\limits_{B}V(x)|\nabla u |^{2}dx \geq \int\limits_{B} W(x)u^2dx,$$
$$\label{two} \int\limits_{B}V(x)|\Delta u |^{2}dx \geq\int\limits_{B} W(x)|\nabla u|^{2}dx+(n-1)\int\limits_{B}\left(\frac{V(x)}{|x|^2}-\frac{V_r(|x|)}{|x|}\right)|\nabla u|^2dx.$$
This characterization makes a very useful connection between Hardy-type inequalities and the oscillatory behaviour of certain ordinary differential equations, and helps in the identification of a large number of such couples (V, W)—that we call Bessel pairs—as well as the best constants in the corresponding inequalities. This allows us to improve, extend, and unify many results—old and new—about Hardy and Hardy–Rellich type inequalities, such as those obtained by Caffarelli et al. (Compos Math 53:259–275, 1984), Brezis and Vázquez (Revista Mat. Univ. Complutense Madrid 10:443–469, 1997), Wang and Willem (J Funct Anal 203:550–568, 2003), Adimurthi et al. (Proc Am Math Soc 130:489–505, 2002), and many others.

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