, Volume 194, Issue 2, pp 531-584
Date: 30 Aug 2008

Vlasov–Maxwell–Boltzmann Diffusive Limit

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Inspired by the work (Bastea et al. in J Stat Phys 1011087–1136, 2000) for binary fluids, we study the diffusive expansion for solutions around Maxwellian equilibrium and in a periodic box to the Vlasov–Maxwell–Boltzmann system, the most fundamental model for an ensemble of charged particles. Such an expansion yields a set of dissipative new macroscopic PDEs, the incompressible Vlasov–Navier–Stokes–Fourier system and its higher order corrections for describing a charged fluid, where the self-consistent electromagnetic field is present. The uniform estimate on the remainders is established via a unified nonlinear energy method and it guarantees the global in time validity of such an expansion up to any order.