, Volume 75, Issue 4, pp 209-213

Uptake of the dopaminergic neurotoxin, norsalsolinol, into PC12 cells via dopamine transporter

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The uptake of norsalsolinol, a neurotoxin candidate causing parkinsonism-like symptoms, was studied in PC12 cells. The compound was actively taken up by the PC12 cells, with a K m value of 176.2±9.1 µM and a maximum velocity of 55.6±7.0 pmol/min per mg protein; norsalsolinol uptake was dependent on the presence of extracellular Na+. The uptake of norsalsolinol was sensitive to two dopamine transporter inhibitors, GBR-12909 and reserpine, but was less sensitive to desipramine, a noradrenaline transporter inhibitor. Dopamine competitively inhibited norsalsolinol uptake into PC12 cells with a K i value of 271.2±61.6 µM. These results suggest that norsalsolinol is taken up into PC12 cells mainly by the dopamine transporter.

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