, Volume 81, Issue 5, pp 385-387,
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Date: 30 Jan 2007

The need for a new toxicity testing and risk analysis paradigm to implement REACH or any other large scale testing initiative

In a paper last year in Archives of Toxicology, “Toxicological comments to the discussion about REACH”, a group of distinguished European community toxicologists (Greim et al. 2006) expressed their opinions on discussions about the extent to which in vitro studies and considerations of structure activity relationships provide sufficient information to waive repeated exposure studies in animals. The authors argued that critical data needed for hazard identification and risk assessment can only be developed by conducting repeat dose studies in animals. They consider the data sets from these studies to be essential for risk assessment. In their abstract, they note that, “The evidence that available alternatives would support such replacement is weak. Progress to improve their value for risk assessment purposes is bound to be slow because the issues are very complex. As a group of European toxicologist we strongly support the need for more research support in these areas, but we believe th...