, Volume 80, Issue 4, pp 212-216
Date: 27 Oct 2005

Early effects of iodine on DNA synthesis in sulfur mustard-induced skin lesions

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Sulfur mustard (SM) is powerful alkylator and highly cytotoxic blisterogen in both humans and animals. This study in male guinea pigs shows that, at an early stage (5 h) after SM exposure, a marked increase occurred in epithelial nuclear vacuolation, epidermal thickening, and dermal acute inflammation. Topical iodine treatment reduced the severity of these parameters. The rate of DNA synthesis expressed by incorporation of bromodeoxyuridine was reduced upon topical treatment with iodine only or SM only by 46 and 72%, respectively. Iodine treatment following SM exposure exerted an effect similar to that of SM only, indicating that DNA synthesis is not directly involved in the mechanism of action of iodine-induced protection.